Five Tibetan Yogas

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The Five Tibetan Yogas are gentle and can make a profound impact on your health, mental clarity and happiness.  They were introduced to the western world in a book The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder.

The story from the book stated that in the 1920’s, a British Colonel spent years investigating why Tibetan lamas maintained their health, flexibility, longevity and mental alertness so incredibly. He returned home looking twenty years younger than when he had left Britain, and he brought with him a short series of five yoga exercises. The ultimate result of following the program was supposed to be a greater flexibility of body and mind leading to all-round better health, more peace, happiness, and longer life. He primarily taught these easy stretches to people over sixty years of age to prove his theory of the Tibetan ‘anti-aging’ methods. In 1939, his colleague wrote the book to teach others how to do the exercises. Since then, the hatha yoga movement has adopted them with variations on Kilder’s book.

Tahira received her certification from Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw… here is an excerpt from her story:

In 2004, after 7 years as a Tibetan Buddhist nun, I was incredibly fortunate to be taught these yogas by ZaChoeje Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist master from Drepung Monastery (Gelugpa Tradition) in India, who also teaches in USA. He introduced differences in how he felt they should be taught – the sequence and the many subtle levels and foundations that underlay them. Taught in their entirety, they are a complete integrated practice that gently transform and balance every level of our systems from our physical body to the most subtle root thoughts that influence our attitudes.