Learn your own personal routine

It is so special to have your own dance routine, a truly great gift to yourself! You CAN do it!  A beginner routine is only 3-4 min long. You pick music that touches your soul  & makes you want to get up and dance.

You’ll begin with a veil entrance, then drop the veil as the music changes to a livelier pace. The music changes again to a slower, softer mood, then finishes with a grand finale. Voila… you’re a dancer!

You will also choose an Arabic dance name to go with your new ‘self’.

Learning your own routine has so many benefits… it gives you extra incentive to practice and improve your moves, you get stronger and build up your stamina, you become less shy… more confident about yourself. Step-by-step, you learn the choreography and begin to feel the music, and become more free to express all the moods of the dance. It is so much fun too! You dance for yourself, you dance fo the love of the dance! Dance is the best feel good therapy!

Private lessons can be booked to fit your schedule, day or evening. The cost is $75/hour. Pay 6 hours in advance… $400 (save $50).

The future holds limitless dance possibilities… recitals, multicultural events, charity functions, hospitals and seniors’ residences, and can also lead to stage presentations and professional events!

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