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Beginning her career in 1983 with the Arabian Sahara Dance Company, Tahira Badre had developed into one of Ontario’s most sought after teachers and dance choreographers. For 10 years Tahira managed the Mississauga, Ontario studio of Freddy’s Dance Academy, one of the leading Middle Eastern dance institutions in North America. She now teaches throughout southern Ontario bringing the joy of bellydancing to hundreds of women.

As a co-founder and partner of Goddess Emerging, Tahira facilitates international workshops and monthly Goddess Gatherings which teach women of all walks of life meditation and bellydance.

What a lovely video. Very well done and your ladies are beautiful. So nice to see mature women belly dancing. Gave me inspiration to join a class. And now I am having so much fun.  ~ Erika

DVDs are $20 each or both for $30 plus shipping.

Beginner DVD – Level I

Beginner DVD

Tahira invites you to join this beginner level class and discover how easy it is to do the dance you’ve secretly wanted to try!

Bellydancing is a wonderful workout that benefits all parts of the body by improving flexibility and coordination. This ancient dance form also strengthens back muscles, relieves tension and stress, and makes every participant FEEL GREAT!

It’s never too late to learn, as octogenarians Kay and Lenore now prove!

Learn more about the health benefits of dance.

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Intermediate DVD – Level II

DVD Cover Int

Level II takes you beyond the basics… more coordination, more dance movements, more shimmies and vibrations! You also have the option to use veils in the opening warm-ups.

Tahira takes you step-by-step through this amazingly fun and beneficial workout. Increase flexibility, strengthen muscles from head to toe, while dancing to the fabulous music of famed Lebanese composer Raja Zahr.

Come out of the deep breathing/stretching cool down feeling revitalized and rejuvenated! For all women, all sizes, all ages.

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Experience the magic of bellydance!  Let yourself go!  HAVE FUN!

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